Thursday, June 26, 2008

Creating Peaceful Spaces At Home

With the rise in oil prices, not only in America, countries around the world are feeling the sting at the gas pump. Some smaller countries have even resorted to protesting and rioting over what they believe to be unfair gas prices.

High gas prices are stimulating millions of drivers to change their way of life. Even those of us who can no longer drive because of a disability are finding our purse strings tighten. Prescriptions with a deductible of 7.00 dollars last month are $10.00 dollars this month. And, who would ever have thought that a gallon of milk would cost more than $5.00 dollars? Yes leaving home has become a luxury.

Cabin fever dose not have to enter into the equation. There are little things that many people have discovered to create a atmosphere of peace even in the eye of the economic storm.

The simple arrangement of out side furniture can create an area of thought provoking quite time.

Flowers strategically planted outside a kitchen window can also bring a smile each time you look out your window.

Your creations don't have to be elaborate or expensive. They should reflect your personality.

Preferable, you will create an area that requires very little time. I personally like perennials. Perennials return each year and your only chores are to keep the weeds out of the garden, give them a little food, and occasionally, a drink of water. They will do the rest.

Potted plants can cheer up any space. Make it your area by introducing a few well placed items that you love. Perfection is not the goal, relaxation is. You don't need a lot of space, just make it your place.


Hoto said...

hi, thx for visiting my site. maybe you got me wrong on my post. i am from germany and my team lost the final. i was just giving my tribute to spain.

Elio Galluzzi said...

Wonderful pictures...I love how you create green islands in and outside. Many architects claim they adapt nature to their spaces, but we should really create volumes out of nature, blending with it. It looks like you are quite good at this :)

Julis Sujai said...

Great Post! I especially found it useful where you stated. Thanks for joined on my blog community . i love your blog too ;)