Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Matter What the Illness, Obtaining Optimum Health Demands a Fit Body

No matter what the illness, obtaining optimum health demands that you keep your body as fit as you possibly can.

When we first acknowledge we are chronically ill, we tend to withdraw into the belief that our life is over. In our heads, we believe we have nothing else to contribute to this life. We are marking time and waiting on that last breath.

That is the self-pity raising its ugly head. Of course, if we listen, we trap ourselves in wretchedness. However, we have another avenue. We can acknowledge that we have the illness, determine what our limitations are and push the envelope right up to those limitations without crossing the line into additional pain.

We can still participate in physical activities. There are activities that allow us to exercise our body and get our heart pumping and that valuable blood flowing through our veins.


There are times when even stretching is unbearable. However, when we are ready to change our situation, stretching our muscles is a good place to start.

At first, it may be tiring. Never the less, continue it. Eventually you will intuitively know which muscles need stretching. When you cannot do anything else, but you want to do something, stretch!


If you are healthy enough to walk, count it as a blessing. A blessing that you previously took for granted. Chronically ill patients, who cannot walk, number in the millions. However, if you can, WALK. Walk, even if it is just walking around your room, your house, or your apartment. Move your body.

Following surgery, you may walk that same day. I was surprised following my first knee replacement. The transfer person entered my room and announced that my doctor wanted me to walk. In my head I am thinking not only is this transfer person crazy, my doctor is insane as well. Never the less, together, we maneuvered me out of the bed and down the hallway. Then slowly but surely I returned to my bed. Following surgery, moving your legs helps the blood flow and reduces the opportunity of blood clots forming, traveling to your heart, and killing you. It is hard work, it is painful, but it will not kill you. A blood clot can.


Getting outside and breathing fresh air is everything. Taking deep breaths of clean fresh air is not only good for your lungs, but it can help to clear your thoughts. That is one of the reasons I encourage my chronically ill readers to start BAG GARDENS (NOTE: I do not receive any funds from these gardens). Working a garden will get you outside and allow you to interact with nature. While working the garden, it will get your mind off how sick you are, how much suffering you have been through and how much pain you are in. You might even learn a little something about your neighbor. You know the ones you were always too busy for when you were working.

Gardening may be the furthest thing from your mind. OK! You might be an artist, who chose another profession to support the life style you thought you needed. Now, that you are disabled, it might be just the time to take up your passion. Laura of Designing Woman does just that. When her health allows, she paints designer furniture. The work is so detailed; you can just imagine her losing her pain in her artwork.


Healthy eating is imperative. Eating fresh vegetables (I personally prefer them raw) will supply you with natural nutrients and help your system work at its finest. The importance of fresh vegetables is why I am dedicated to finding ways to introduce them into each meal.

If you are just too ill and have neither energy nor the area to grow a bag garden, multiple vitamins are certainly a good substitute. Be cautious, some vitamins can interact with your medication. ALWAYS talk with your doctor before adding them to your diet.


Attitude is everything. Our condition is not a curse. In most cases, the illness stops us long enough to allow us to choose a new direction. How we feel about our illness can be a hindrance or it can thrust us into an exciting new life. If we listen and are open to making the positive changes, our life enriches to a degree that we never knew existed.

My position is this, whatever steps you need to get your body as healthy as it can be, take those steps toward your future. All of your previous steps brought you here to the very place you are right now.


Elio Galluzzi said...

Mckay, this is a great article.
This shows the wonderful person you are, and your committment to improve your life situation. Keeping a fit body is the first requirement for everybody. If you suffer from a chronicle illness, this is a good start to fight -and win all the negativities which lie inside of you. Everything come from the mind, and being fit will boost your self-confidence. These activities are well known to promote an healing process, some times miracolous and spontaneous.
Our thoughts and feelings reflect themselves in the body, and the opposite is true.
Well Done!
Keep yourself fit as much as you can...and write another wonderful post like this one:)

Anonymous said...

Mckay, Thank you so much for your wise and wonderful words!!! You truly are an inspiration! Love, LOVE, LOVE your positive attitude about life, and health! I'm so glad to have met you! Now I will be visiting your blog each morning with my cup of coffee, to start my day with a smile! Love & Hugs to you, Angel Girl!!! XOXO ~Laura

Mckay K said...

Elio, your are so insightful. There fore, a comment coming from you stating that I am on the right track is extremely important to me. THANK YOU!

Our mind does control everything. It is constantly creating situations for us to deal with. So why not be positive about the situation.

Assess what we need to do to get through it and PROCEED.

We may not always like where we are but one thing is for sure, "This too shall pass". With negative thinking, we can compound the problem we are in.

Or we can figure out how to best get through the present ordeal. And positively live our best life.

Again Elio, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule, reading my blog and leaving this encouraging comment.

Mckay K said...

Hi Laura, with the problems that you struggle with, you are my inspiration.

Thanks for the complements. At this time my health does not allow me to write a blog each day. I strive for once a week. But please visit each day because the feed back on the blog is wonderful.

Sick or well, people just want to know how to best get through this experience.

Working together, I truly believe we can help so many people who are stuck in despair and, quit frankly, don't' know how to get out of it.

Your continued support is extremely important.

Laura, thanks again for visiting and always feel welcome to post a comment.

Blog Queen said...

great tips McKay! congrats on being awarded the Spreader of love Blog award by Inspired Journey!!

Carol King said...

Hi Mckay, these are excellent tips you are offering.

Just wanted to let you know that I have tagged you to receive the Spreader of Love Award. Kindly visit my site for the details and please continue to spread the love.

Mckay K said...

Blog Queen, Thanks for the congrats.

I am truly honored that my blog is view that way.

Lovingly helping people understand their illness is my goal and it is nice to know that is exactly how it is perceived.

Mckay K said...

Carole, What can I say?

I am overwhelmed at the love I have received from the blogging community and am so thankful, to you, for this prestigious recognition.

Keep spreading the love at Inspired Journey

kay hutchinson said...

McKay, I love your blog and thank you for your comments on my blog, Health Prosperity. I posted a link to yours to let my bloggers know of your wonderful resources here.

Best thoughts,
Kay Hutchinson
Founder: Aiki Healing

Mckay K said...

Kay, thank you for the feed back. I like to think of this site as a resource page and am happy that you acknowledge it to be one.

I thoroughly enjoyed your site and will visit it often as well.

Be Well:)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

In-depth and well written post. I like that you ended with "attitude". This seems to be key in so many things, and like dominoes, all the rest falls into place.
I saw a TV special once that described all of the health concerns that come about through stress and saddness. They even went on to say life expectancy is decresed with high stress levels.

Opening up to positive changes is so important, and yet hard to do at times.

My father started walking 5 miles every morning when he retired. I could see that benifits right away. I am proud of him for taking this step in the right direction.

I need to work on my food choices. So often I am on the run and settle for whatever is under the "heatlamp".

I'll work on that!!


Mckay K said...

Eric, in my life, when I changed the way I felt about my situation, just like you said, everything else fell into place.

I understand that I have limitations, but I am still here. It is reason enough to celebrate!

Thanks for your valuable and always welcome input.

Speedcat Hollydale said...


bichonpawz said...

You have a terrific blog here!!! And lots of good advice! I will definitely have to return to do some more reading. Enjoy your day!

Mckay K said...

Bitchonpawz, thanks for stopping by and a big THANK YOU for leaving such a nice comment!

You are always welcome.

Be Well

Barbara Doduk said...

You really do have a blog of love. What wonderful advice you're sharing here.

B @ The Love Blog

Mckay K said...

Barbara welcome!

It is an honor to have you visit my blog and affirm that it is achieving your goal of people lovingly blogging to serve others.

Thank you and please visit again.

Shauna said...

My Kindred Spirit,

Finally I can comment! This post is excellent! I feel guilty about not eating, as in truly not eating anything an entire day. Lots of water, and decaf coffee probably fill me up, but I definitely have anorexia. When most see that word, they conjure up an 80 lb. girl, not eating due to altered body image. This condition is called, "Anorexia Nervosa". Yet the word, "Anorexia" used alone, is the medical word for, "Loss of Appetite" That is what I have sweetie, and it's hard to figure out why I have a full feeling most of the time.

Keep it up girl, congrats on another award, and I hope your day is a no or low pain day...

Much luv,
Shauna :-)

Mckay K said...

Shauna, your contributions are so powerful. I did not know there were two types of Anorexia. I am sure I am not alone. Thank you for sharing your personal experience, as well as, your professional knowledge.

I hope that you are better soon!

Jessica said...

I think this article covers all the most important tips on how to deal with one's pain on a daily basis. That walking part is the tough one when the hips, knees and ankles are hurting...but you're right on track that the blood clot could kill you if you don't move your body. I love the idea of bag gardening because you can suspend the bags to standing height and you don't have to get on your knees. Pass it on often! Thanks for gathering info for this community!

Mckay K said...

Jessica I like the bag gardening idea as well. I like it for just that reason. It can be adjust to the correct height of the gardener.

Thanks for the comment and the compliment on this post.

Be well and keep Living On Purpose!