Friday, October 3, 2008

What is Pranic Healing and Can It Stop Your Chronic Pain?

After reading my previous post on the devastation chronic pain has on one's life, several weeks ago, Valerie at CureDepression With Umbrellas (Don't you just love the title of her blog site?), sent me an email concerning the possibility of Pranic Healing helping with my chronic pain.

As someone who lives almost constantly in chronic pain, I have to admit that I am open minded when it comes to stopping pain. I will read until I can no longer see straight, try it and tell the world whether it worked for me or not. So that is exactly what I did with Valerie's suggestion.

After searching several sites, this is the one that helped me the most. It is titled The Ancient Science and Art of Panic Healing. It contained three CBS news reports on the subject.


  1. Healing Hands

  2. Teaching People to Heal Themselves

  3. The Art to Heal the Body

I can tell you that with the combination of my pain medications and Pranic Healing, my back pain is better. It is better than it has been in months. That is what integrated medicine is about. It is a combination of Eastern and Western medication with faith to achieve the ultimate healing process.

For the new practitioners, I would love to hear your experiences. For those of you who practice Pranic Healing on yourself and/or others, any additional instructions are certainly welcome!


Jeanne said...

Mckay k,

This is interesting on so many levels. Like you, I am very open to alternative forms of healing.

In Western Society, most of us are brought up to rely on strictly Traditional Western Medicine methods ("allopathic medicine" was how Traditional Western Medicine was referred to in the video "Introduction to Pranic Healing - Featured Animations").

Too often, people fear that which they are unfamiliar. Some may dismiss talk of chakras and energy fields as "New Age" ideas that don't work. Some would turn away from it because it's too different from what they are used to.

After watching the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" with Academy award winning actress Marlee Matlin, I got a whole new outlook on things than I had before watching the film.

I'm no scientist but that movie gave me a clue about quantum physics. Then I watched a DVD called "The Elegant Universe". It had been a PBS special on NOVA. It too made quantum physics more understandable to me.

I absolutely believe humans have an energy field. I have had acupuncture sessions while recovering from a difficult surgery where I could actually feel the chi (energy) moving within my body. Where the energy had been "stuck" prior to acupuncture, it began to move with the treatment.

Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years. Western Society is only now beginning to see and accept this form of “Eastern Medicine”.

There are many types of healing energy. A friend of mine has received special training in Reiki and also Laughter Yoga.

While some may scoff and dismiss these healing methods, there is scientific evidence that backs up the value of integrative medicine: combining Traditional Western Medicine (allopathic medicine) with alternative medicine.

To take the best techniques and modalities from Eastern and Western medicine and treat the patient holistically, in my experience, is much more effective than allopathic medicine alone.

Until I became so ill, I was not aware of all of the many options available to compliment allopathic medicine. As the video stated, the method described is not meant to replace Traditional Western/allopathic medicine. It is meant to complement it.

Mind/body healing is an important field that many aren't very familiar with. Our society is loaded with pharmaceutical companies heavily advertising, doctors using drugs & surgery as almost the only treatments for most conditions, and many people's unwillingness to try something new/different to them (even things that aren’t really “new” at all).

Unfortunately, it usually takes someone getting very, very ill to become open to methods with which they are not familiar.

Often people confuse spirituality with religion as being interchangeable terms. I do not believe they are interchangeable at all. The video referenced spirituality. Some may be put off by this and perceive this as an attempt to persuade them to believe in a particular religion. While I don't perceive the video that way, I know some may be a little put off by that. I believe that people have the right to believe in whatever organized religion suits them... or none at all. Everyone is entitled to his/her beliefs.

Unfortunately, many people have a perception of "meditation" as something sort of mystical or unusual. While the word meditation is used in many contexts and can mean different things to different people, it can be extremely simple.

I took a class on meditation and it was extremely simple and straightforward. We learned how to take the time to breathe properly. (The importance of proper breathing is often underestimated). We learned how to focus on the present moment. It sounds like a cliché but we literally learned how to "quiet the mind".

There is scientific evidence to back up the health benefits of mindfulness meditation. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn writes about this topic. You can also find videos on YouTube where he discusses mindfulness and its benefits.

This is a very thought-provoking post because it taps into (either directly or implied):

* The idea that people have an energy field.

* The notion that integrative medicine (taking the best that Western and Eastern medicine have to offer and combining them) is more helpful than either method alone.

* The idea that trained healing energy practitioners can improve the energy field of a patient without even touching them. While I've never had Reiki done, I have a friend who is trained in it. She used Reiki to comfort her mother when she was dying of cancer. The Reiki gave her pain relief.

* The idea that if the energy field is abnormal, illness/symptoms will be present as well.

This post ties together so many things I've learned, seen, and read about. I viewed the first video clip in your post. I have not yet had a chance to view the CBS videos but look forward to doing so.

I think it's wonderful that you are informing your readers about a method you've found personally helpful.

Everyone has their preferences about what options work best for them. It's great that you tried something new to you and got good results from it!

Your posts are very insightful and thought-provoking.

People often fear things that seem different or unfamiliar to them but it's great that you are open-minded and tried something different because it has helped you.

I hope you continue to feel better and I'm happy for you that you found something that helps!!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Fine post, and an exellent comment by Jeanne.

The world we live in our own bodies are miracles ... and mysteries at the same time. I think that alternative healing can be a very strong an viable resource.
Doctors can do pretty amazing things, yet they have limitations and are not perfect. Anything that helps?? Blogs / forums / and literature all can provide valuable information and advice from others. I admire your trek to unite, reinforce, and educate the community regarding cronic pain.

Happy to see that you are feeling a bit better (??) Big hug from the Speedcat :-)

God Bless!

Valerie said...


I am sooooooo happy that you are feeling better. The reason why I wrote that post on Pranic Healing was to help spread the knowledge on alternative medicine, and to hear that some of your pain has been relieved makes me feel so GREAT for you! Were you able to find a practicioner in your area, or have you been working on yourself? Definately keep me posted!!! Kudos!

Mckay K said...

Jeanne, I am so thankful for your remarks. Once I realized that the treatments were working and I, for the first time in years, was walking without back pain, I wanted to present my findings in a way that would not be threatening to those who would benefit from it.

I know that the animated video Introduction to Pranic Healing is long. However, I also knew if I tried to explain it myself, it would be longer and I would loose some readers along the way.

Quantum Physics is so interesting to me. And while I am aware of the movie and website "What the Bleep Do We Know?", I have not seen the movie yet. I know that I will eventually. The trailer just peaks your interest.

You are so right about people being afraid of what is unfamiliar and I certainly took that into consideration before writhing this blog.

My answer was quick and simple. If the person reading the blog was resistant to the information, they had not been sick enough long enough. For we both know that when you are in chronic pain long enough, a lot of the limited teaching of our youth go out the window.

I have and still do practice laughter Yoga. It helps keep the depression away.

There is a video that teaches the correct way to breath. I have it bookmarked for a future post. As you stated, Breathing correctly is very important. I am still reminding myself, on occasion, to breath correctly. I used to say BREATH! Now I tell myself to BREATH CORRECTLY!

Once again, Jeanne, thank you for your in depth comment.

Mckay K said...

Speedcathollydale, You are dead on point about our bodies being miracles and mysteries.

Pranic Healing has definitely reinforced that thought in me.

Eric, thank you for being visible on this blog when I was unable to be. Your continued comments and emails meant so much to me.

Thank You!

Mckay K said...

Valerie, I remember the first time I was introduced to the visible diagram of the Chakras on your website.

As I told you then, I wanted to know more. Your instinct let you know just when that should be.

I am eternally grateful for your informative blog, as well as, it's loving caring writer.

Shauna said...


SO so so glad you are here hun writing and gracing us with your caring, informative post.

I had the delight of meeting and being treated by a Chinese-trained Acupuncturist when I lived in Taiwan. The schooling they go through is so interesting compared to the Western Healthcare Practitioners.

The extensive Acupressure spots in our glorious bodies, up on the walls in posters, showed a complete different approach to the way that Western Docs are taught.

When I had my most recent Acupuncture treatments, I found that I had relief when the pins were IN me, but out they came, and back came my pain, in fact is was worse after the treatment, and I'd have to drive quite a way home.

Haven't done it lately, but you may see me one day looking like the character 'Pinhead" or whoever that is. Well, in my back anyway.

Gentle hugs, my gentle friend...

Shauna (KS)

Mckay K said...

Hi Shauna it is so good to be able to sit and stand without that horrible pain.

It is certainly good to be in touch with the blogging community again. I really missed the communication and the information I have grown to love.

I think receiving the full result of Pranic Healing requires more training that I have had. However, I am quite pleased with my results.

Finding someone who has had extensive training is probably like finding someone in the East who is truly a good caring doctor.

It is unfortunate that your American experience with acupuncture was not as satisfying as your Taiwan experience.I wonder if it has anything to do with dedication to their profession?

Be well

Chronic Chick Talk said...

You always have inspiring word. Haven't read you in a while, was time for me to catch up :)

Chronic Chick Talk

Mckay K said...

Hi Chronic Chick. I had an extended down time and, as a result, did not post for a while.

I am much better and am glad you stopped in to visit.