Sunday, September 13, 2009

Living Through the Depression

We have all suffered with depression at some time in our life. For me it was this spring. I wanted to go to our bi-yearly family reunion. It was not to be. Low blood count and chronic fatigue was the diagnosis.

I was placed on high dosages of iron and multiple vitamins. "Four weeks and you will be your old self." said my doctor. He was so pleased with himself that I became excited too. I would follow his instructions to the letter.

Funny, my four weeks turned into eight. all the way up to the first day of the reunion I was sure I would wake up well and ready to go. I, however, was in no condition to travel. So, I spent that week and the next continuing to build my energy.

This weekend I received the following DVD from an extremely talented duo, "The King and I". I remember when they recorded this song. At that time they were both going through some very blue times. But working together they lived through their state of depression and this week produced this beautiful video.

"Savin Me" reminds us all that the first step in being saved starts from within.

Their web site is loaded with colorful language. So if you feel you maybe offended by strong language, PLEASE DO NOT visit their site. I do hope you enjoy Savin Me!


This song can be purchased at

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Carol King said...

Mckay, its wonderful to see you posting again. You have been greatly missed.

Pamela K H said...

McKay K,
What a blessing to see your new post! I'm so glad that your health is improving and that you are feeling better.
I love the song and video of "Savin Me"
Thanks for stopping by Pam's Garden Space an leaving a comment.
I wish you great health and much wealth!

Shauna said...

Hi my KS!!

I think of you daily and pray for your life to become as manageable as you want it to be, and as it 'can' be...we need to write to each other...but wanted to say HI here and let you know how much you are loved.

Gentle Hugs

Your KS <3

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michelle said...

Hi McKay K,
I am relieved to see that you posted!! I would stop by and check and check and wonder what was going on with you. I know of the depression that saps your soul and keeps you down and self-isolating. I'm not saying that you were self-isolating, I was, am, and then was again.
It has been a few months since, and I want you to know that even though we are strangers, we each deal with similar things. I'm sending some positive energy your way, and prayers, always prayers for He is listening!!

tikno said...

Hello McKay K,
I'm glad to see you posting again.
Merry Christmas to you and family, also to all reader here.


Anonymous said...
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Sherril said...

Hi, I hope you have made it through the depression to the other side. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

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Better Woman Now said...

It has been some time since you published this post. I hope that by now you have seen some improvement. I have many blogging friends who are being affected by many different conditions. Chronic fatigue is the common thread through most all of them.

Best wishes to you. If you would like to know any of my other blogging friends we hang out at BloggerLuv and have a private collaboration. We would love to have you join us if you're up to it and interested.

Kay Spears said...

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Atlanta Plastic Surgeons said...

Depression is a state of the mid.And though doctors prescribe medicines in acute conditions I think it is best to try and push yourself out of the mental condition yourself with close good company which works for you or hobbies that work to give your mind a lift.

Fibromyalgia and Faith said...

I hope these days are finding you feeling better. It has been a while since your post.

Andy King said...

Living with chronic illness, particularly depression, is dangerous. It kills you so slowly that you even do not get aware of it.

Any illness, before it gets chronic, it should be treated and healed.

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Robert said...

It's true that almost everyone at some point felt depressed. It's good to know that you are dealing with this and you are improving.