Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pets Helping To Heal Chronic Illness

On March 13, 2008, I post a blog concerning Chewie, the Shih Tzu, his old and his new family. Now, some of you are wondering how he is adjusting. Chewie has happily settled in with his new family and they, as we knew they would, love him dearly.

So to satisfy all those concerned, Chewie's pictures are spot lighted on this blog addressing "Pets Helping To Heal Chronic Illness".

A growing number of Western doctors have finally learned that pets help to relieve stress, anxiety and possible lower high blood pressure. Some doctors, my doctor included, take their dogs to work with them. My Pain Control doctor has a beautiful Pit Bull who strolls from one examining room to the next visiting with eagerly awaiting patients.

Many nursing homes even have dogs who visit during the day and some who live on the premises. For physically confined patients these pets are the only loving visitors they may receive for the rest of their lives.

When I was confined to my home, more precise my bed, my son came to live with and take care of me. In passing, he mentioned that he was going to purchase a dog. I, on the other hand was not in favor of his purchasing a dog. I love animals. But I did not want to have the added burden of his taking care of an animal and me.

In constant pain, weak, angry and in fear of what tomorrow would bring, I was a hand full. Although he was not causing the problems, he received the full force of my wrath. I had not yet learned to treat him as the adult that he is. I was still paying the roll of mother to a child instead of one adult sharing a home with another adult.

That soon changed. The dog he purchased was named Blue Beauty. She is definitely that. She would stay as close to me as I would allow. That meant right outside my bedroom door.

I slowly found myself sitting in the living room so that I could pet her. I would sometimes not have the strength to set up so I would lie on the sofa and she on the floor. I would pet her until I was too weak. Often times I would fall asleep on the sofa enjoying her company and she mine.

As my health improved, we would take walks outside. She, however loved to run. I would sit and weed the garden my son had planted and she would stretch her legs running. One day on one of her runs around the yard, I fell walking up the stairs. I was not hurt. Never the less, Blue Beauty rushed to my side. I could feel the concern in her body and see it in her eyes. To this day, if she and I are the only ones in the yard, Blue Beauty is never far from my side.

Oh yes, I no longer require medication for anxiety or high blood pressure!

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