Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stop Fighting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You Will Not Win!

Chronic Fatigue is the body's way of protecting its self when it has been physically and or mentally overused. The body's response is to slow down and attempt to heal its self.

Some of the treatments are

Recently I experienced a week of working on a retirement Thank You letter for a friend, going to the doctor on the same day as the retirement reception, finishing a video for my blog, visiting a friend who had a total knee replacement, and visiting my elderly father. I was exhausted and felt terrible.

I know better. However, the retiring friend is a close friend from child hood. I love her dearly. I would not have thought of not being there for her retirement. A few years ago, she completely sponsored my retirement luncheon. Over the years, we have been as close as any sisters have. Both our hearts would have been broken had I not been there.

The morning of the retirement, I went to the doctor to get two of the five medications it takes to keep my Arthritic pain under control. Limping and bent over, in an attempt to find a position to relieve the pain, I felt twice my age. The sciatic nerve that runs down my right side was not happy. I needed a Toradol shot. Once the nurse injected me with it, my normal regime would have been to stay in bed for the rest of the afternoon. I had thirty minutes to get dressed and get to the retirement reception.

During the retirement reception, my right knee became inflamed and swollen. I
enjoyed the reception, but I was happy to be home and able to elevate that leg.

I slept for about two hours and was up again working on the slide show that I had started several days before.

When I finally got into bed, I was pleased with the result of the slide show. I understand that what took me sever days to produce may have taken a well person only a few hours. Nevertheless, I was NOT well and I DID create the video I wanted, myself.

This time, when I awoke, I had only been asleep for about four hours. Sleeplessness is another contributor to Chronic Fatigue. I felt weak and sick. Unable to get up, I laid there until I drifted back off to sleep.

Over the years, I have learned to listen to my body and, generally, I do what it is telling me to do. It usually works out to be in my best interest. It was telling me to stay in bed. Therefore, I did. I was in bed all that day and most of the next day.

When my body said it was OK to get up and move around again, I did.

I prepared to go to the hospital to see my sick friend. I called my friend who had the total knee replacement and learned she was at home. Off I went to see her. I had not talked to her
in several days and was missing our long face to face conversations.

Doctors still find it difficult to diagnose and treat Chronic Fatigue. It often goes missed diagnosed and some doctors, not too long ago, would tell their patients "It is all in your head. The test results prove there is nothing wrong with you".

Suffering with chronic fatigue is frustrating. However, it teaches you how to cope or how to give up.

Each day, I make my "Daily List" of what my mind wants to do. I proceed with what my body can do.

There is no fighting to keep going. There is not one day that I wish I had done more. There is, however, gratitude for what I was able to do, even if it is, for that day, just going to the next room without assistance.

"The Lord did not do it all in one day. What makes me think I can?" Author unknown

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