Monday, November 17, 2008

When Love Comes To The Rescue

What ever love is missing in your life; love of self, love of family, love of a significant other or love of your higher power, when it arrives, Your joy is visible to both you and those who come into your presence.

When that love is a deep inner love it is good. it often times relieves the tension in your life and, as a result, may even help relieve your pain. It is as if love has come to your rescue.

This MUSIC MONDAY I present to you Oleta Adams singing When Love Comes To the Rescue.

For more great music visit Speedcat Hollydale's site for Music Mondays!


Shinade said...

Oh my I have never heard her before and she's fabulous. I love her deep rich voice and of course I love the piano.

I already visited Speedy. I love Billy Joel too!

My grandson was my DJ this week and he rocked us out with Foreigner.

Happy Monday:-)

Mckay K said...

Hi Shinade, I think Oleta is so talented and I am glade you agree.

I like Billy Joel too and Speedy pick a good song for this week.

I can't wait to hear your grandson's choice.

Rozella said...

Oleta Adams... *sigh* She's just amazing. I just love her voice. A very classic choice indeed! :)

Mckay K said...

Hi Rozella, thanks for the visit. I agree with you, her voice is amazing.

cherry said...

she has a powerful voice. thanks for sharing this.

Emila Yusof said...

i love her voice! i love her 'get here' song too!

thank you for visiting my blog!

Joyoz said...

Oh my she's not familiar to me really. What a great performer anyway. Thanks for visiting mine. Cheers!

Mckay K said...

Cherry- You are so welcome.

Emila- I love "Get Here" as well. It was so popular. I wanted to introduce another of her songs to the community.

Joyoz-Glad I was able to introduce her to you.

Be well

Mizé said...

Hi Mckay. Thanks for visiting my MM.
I didn´t know her too. I guess there´s a lot of music I don´t know, been a bit hooked in the 60s and Portuguese music, lol.
I think she´s got a great voice and loved the piano too. The lyric is profound.
A good Monday!

LadyJava said...

I love MM coz I get to know new songs.. this is awesome. thanks!

Mckay K said...

Hi Mize, thanks for visiting. I love the lyrics to this song. They are so reassuring as is her voice.

Ladyjava I enjoyed my morning visits through MM as well. Thanks for the complement!

Be well

Kim said...

my kind of music!!
beautiful voice and very relaxing to listen to :)
and you can't beat good piano music either :)
thanks for your selection Mckay :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

That was fantastic ... such emotions she can put into her voice. What an extreme talent!

Bravo on your musical choice. I really enjoyed this one McKay :-)

Mckay K said...

Kim, thank you, I love Oleta's music and found it hard to make a choice. But eventually I settled on this. I am glad I did.

Speedcat-Oleta seems to produce with little effort. However, that cannot be easy. I am glad you like it.

Be well

sandra said...

I also have never heard her before..just beautiful..
I also spend much time in my yard..where my grand-daughter visits me daily(right now we have snow here)..
I find so much peace there..:)
thank you for the visit..

Mckay K said...

Hi Sandra, I hope you are able to keep your grand daughter entertained during the snowy months.

I am glad to introduce Oleta Adams to you. She is wonderful.

We do agree on the peace in the garden. It is so peaceful. Fortunately, it is not snowing but too cold for me to go outside for an extended amount of time.

Pamela K H said...

Hi Mckay K,
Oleta is fabulous! I love her voice and your choice of the song "Love comes to the rescue was right on time for me tonight. I really needed a pick me up. That's one reason I visit your blog daily. I know I will find peace and reassurance here.
Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !

Pamela K H

Mckay K said...

Pamela you made me smile. I hope that you will always find comfort here.

Mariuca said...

Oh wow, really great pick! She has an amazing voice doesn't she? I too love the piano playing here. :):):)

Mckay K said...

Mariuca, I totally agree with you. She does have an amazing voice. Piano music is, oh yea, the best.

Be well

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

oh my!! mckay i love this song! thanks for shairng wt us! she has the most beautiful voice. :)

and i love her cup of coffee too!! :)

bluecrystaldude said...

This is the first time I heard her. I cannot hear the sound of your video (don't why, but it happens sometimes). So, I had to download it to listen the song. Although this means that I have to wait for couple of hours, it's worth it. I love her voice! Thanks for sharing this song with us :)

Happy Monday :D

Mckay K said...

Jean, thanks for the visit and I am glad you enjoyed Oletha and the java.

Bluecrystaldude, I am sorry you had trouble with the sound. But, happy that you found a way to hear her fantastic voice.

Have a great Music Monday!!!

intrepidideas said...

I've always loved her " Get Here" song. She's great!

Mckay K said...

Intrepidideas, me too. Thanks for your comment and for the visit.